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Ticks on Pets and Horses


Rabbits and small animals are best kept away from overgrown areas. Be sensible about where you allow your pet to be and where you go with your horse.

Ticks on Horses

If you're out on a hack, stop and regularly check over your horse - especially if you've been through long grass. When you stop for a rest, stay on shorter grass, away from overhanging bushes, bracken on heather.

When you get home, check your horse over regularly over the course of the next few hours, as many times, ticks will work there way towards the head, before biting.

Again the tick twister is the best tool to remove ticks after they have bitten. Dont' wait til you get home. They are small, and not bulky to carry about. Simply put the hook between the tick and the body and TWIST. .....>more about tick twisters here

Ticks on Small Pets

For small, outdoor pets, make sure you keep them on short grass. Think about your garden layout, and keep them away from overhanging areas.

Check them over regularly, and remove crawling ticks as you see them. Try not to touch the ticks with your hands - but if you do, make sure your wash them afterwards.

If you have other animals in the house - dogs etc, then, take care to check all the animals over.


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