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How to remove ticks from a cat, and how to prevent

removing a tick from a cat
Well, this does look similar to the dog picture, but it is a picture of a tick on a cat. It is most likely that you'll have more difficulty removing cat ticks as many times, cats don't like to be handled.
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Cat Tick Removal - Before the ticks bite.....

When your cat comes in from a hunt, have a good look over them - in the kitchen is probably best - perhaps on the draining board - then you'll be able to examine them in full light without the danger of the tick falling off onto your chair or couch, and ending up biting you instead.

Once the ticks bitten.....

Do not try to put alcohol or vaseline on the tick. And, don't try to burn it off with a cigarette end or similar. Not only are you in danger of hurting your cat, this can cause backflow and the ticks blood will end up back in your cat.

Tick removal from your cat, is best done using a special tool. Buy your tick removal tool.... >shop

Think early too. It can be very difficult to hold a cat still. Teach them to like being held by gently patting them, and giving them small tasty fish treats. Then build up the lenght of time you pat them for and then gently hold them. Getting your kitten used to being handled will help tremendously. If your can doesn't like to be handled, and wont be tempted for treats, then please do get in contact with a behaviourist...> look here. It's far better to do this, than to potentially need to get your cat into the vet for special tick removal treatments.

Tick Prevention for Cats

Well, if you have an indoor cat, then you probably don't need to worry (unless your dog brings them home.

Do you know whre you cat roams, and toilets. It is very diffuclt as cats will tend to hide under a bush to toilet. However if your cat spends alot of time in your own garden, then your can think about how your garden is designed to at least reduce damp, overhanging areas.

Cat tick protection

NEVER use a DOG product on a CAT - they are EXTREMELY POISONOUS TO CATS. And, never use a cat product on a dog.

Again, ask your vet for advice on the best product.

Keeping your cat's immune system healthy by feeding them good quality food may help in some respect.

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