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Smidge - Tick and Midge Insect Repellent


Smidge is a new type of insect repellent. Most likely originally perceived to deal with the Scottish midges, but - here's some great news - it's effective against ticks too.

It's not deet based, either. Smidge is developed from a 20% Saltidin Milk formulation which provides a broad spectrum effectiveness against many biting insects - worldwide! The Smidge company have added a waterproofing agent to Saltadin that maintains its effectiveness even when water and sweat are present.

It's not sticky or greasy and is safe for adults and children over 30 months old. It has a pleasant fragrance and even moisturises the skin as it repels. And what's more, it's effective for longer than DEET based products.

NOTE : this product has not been tested for effectiveness or safety with pets. It is intended for use on people.

Smidge is an effective insect repellent for midges, ticks, horse flies, mosquitoes and all blood feeding insects.

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Midge and Tick Prevention and Protection for people

Smidge is therefore a great protector for all sorts of outdoor people - from gardeners to fishermen and hill walkers to foresters or simply holiday makers camping by the water or other midge infested area.

How does it work? Smidge (Saltadin) works by evaporating off your skin and throwing the midges or ticks off your scent; they can't find you, so they can't bite you.

It's easy to comprehend how this works with midges or other flying insects, but we wondered how that works for ticks. Initial investigations have resulted in the following:

Please note that this is not a complete protector against ticks, but it should help to some degree. According to the BADA (Borreliosis and Associated Diseases Awareness UK) web site, ticks can sense the direction of the host through chemicals in the person / animals breath and from the chemicals from the skin. This latter point is where Smidge would help. Ticks also sense changes in temperature and in light levels as the host shades the grass or heather etc where they are passing.

So, we would ofcourse therefore encourage all the best physical preventative measures are taken to prevent ticks getting on to you in the first place. Please see here for more information on tick prevention for people.

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Tick Borne Diseases

For information on Lyme Disease, Borreliosis etc, please follow the links on our tick links page.

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