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How not to remove ticks

There are alot of traditional myths about how to remove ticks. Years ago when people had to just get the tick off, there were no special tools. But more importantly, Lyme disease carrying ticks had not spread about as much as it has now. People have used such things as burning with a cigarette end, smothering with vaseline, dabbing with alcohol, squeezing out with fingers etc. There is no reason now adays to use any of these tick removal methods. New tools have been invented. It's just simply potentially dangerous to remove a tick the old fashioned way - why risk it? It is really important to remove a tick without stressing it and without causing it to regurgitate back into what it's biting.

There are also many tick removal tweezer type products available. Some may be excellent. The tick removal products we sell here have been tried and tested by us and in our own humble opinion, really appear to be much easier to use than tweezers. Please certainly don't use ordinary tweezers. It's really important not to squeeze the tick's body, as this will squeeze some of the blood back into the bitten body - very bad, and more likely to cause disease.

Our preference therefore is the tick twister, and secondly, the tick card.

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