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Tick Removal Tools, Tick Prevention and Protection

Fast and clean tick removal is important. The quicker you remove the tick, the less likelihood there is of any tick disease being picked up.

Why is tick removal important? Because ticks can cause serious disease including the dreadful lymes disease. The UK tick population seems to increase year after year. Whether this is due to global warming, the soar in deer population, or warmer winters, or whether it's because more of us are out and about with our dogs, would be interesting to find out, and the scientists are working hard to determine what we can do about ticks.

Sometimes, we are just flooded with too much information, and there is certainly plenty of tick removal information on the web. We are here therefore to keep things simple. There are 3 things we need to consider when thinking about ticks:

  • Tick Removal - using the best tools.
  • Tick Prevention - being sensible.
  • Tick Protection - using insect repellent or dog tick and flea treatments.
  • Safe Tick Removal Products

    tick removal hook
    The Tick Twister is the simplest tool we have found to remove a tick, from dogs, pets, or people. The precision engineered slot is much finer and slimmer than other copied products. Allowing very small ticks to be removed without the need to touch the tick at all. Read more here about the O'Tom TIck Twister.
    tick card for tick removal
    We also like the tick card. It's a credit card shaped tick removal tool - keep it in your wallet and never be without a safe tick removal tool. There's a small and larger slot and also a magnifying window to help you see what's going on with the tiny ticks.

    And, please follow the links here for more information on tick removal, prevention and protection for

    There's more information on how NOT to remove a tick here.

    Tick Prevention

    Depending on how bad ticks are in your local area, you may want to look into tick prevention... >more on tick prevention for dogs. To prevent ticks on dogs and cats, you may want to look at using one of the various tick prevention treatments. There are many available - how do you choose? The best advice has to be to speak with your vet in the first instance. Then you can be sure of being properly informed to make the right decisions.

    But, we humans can't pre-treat ourselves to prevent tick biting. We can dress sensibly, and we can consider our garden layout, or what path we choose on a walk >protecting yourself from tick bites

    Look out for Tick Prevention Week - last week in March....>more

    Tick Protection

    Ticks are very dangerous disease carrying parasites. There are no vaccines available to combat tick diseases in the UK. Protection is the only solution. Read how to protect your pets from ticks here.

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